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Silly questions.

Do you receive annoying unsolicited phone calls? Yes?

Do you want to stop them? Yes?

Then you need to read the following from Kent Community Messaging!

 Sue and Bill Chitty

[Reference: Telephone Calls]

Dear Coordinators,

Kent Trading Standards have received reports from consumers who have received an automated telephone call claiming to be from Kent County Council. 

The recorded voice states that they have an urgent and personal message for a Mr Peter Barnsley. 

It then asks the consumer to choose an option: 

Press 1 if you are the person named,

Press 2 if you are not the person but know who it is or,

Press 3 if you are not the person and do not know who it is. 

By choosing option 3 the consumer is told their contact details will be removed from their list within 24 hours. This call is not from Kent County Council, it is a scam. 

Kent Trading Standards advises consumers to be very wary of automated calls that ask you to pick an option as some can result in charges for the call, possibly at premium rate. If you are in any doubt end the call by hanging up. 

The Telephone Preference Service offers a free service to help reduce the number of unsolicited telephone calls. To register your telephone number telephone 0845 070 0707 or visit

Please contact Consumer Direct on 0808 156 2256 or go to if you need further advice on your consumer rights, or you want to report any businesses or incidents about which you have concerns.

Many Thanks

Jonathan Styance

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