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You may well have seen the BBC television news piece about the Metropolitan Police's large scale seizure of scam mail this week, and the accompanying online article highlighted Kent Trading Standards' involvement in this;

February 2011 sees the annual Scams Awareness Month promoted by the Office of Fair Trading, which Kent County Council Trading Standards is actively supporting as dealing with scams and its victims is a key priority for us.

A key feature of the campaign is 'Scamnesty' where you are invited to drop off scam mailings for our attention. This year, scam mail can be left at any of the county's libraries with the support of the Council's Libraries and Archives service throughout the month.

Kent Trading Standards uses this campaign to focus its all year round work on the scourge of scams, both in supporting victims and investigating with partners where it can, despite the likelihood that many of those who perpetrate scams are abroad.It is now believed that £4 billion (according to the National Fraud authority) is lost to scams in the UK each year, with some people becoming repeat victims who can lose thousands.

What can never be underestimated is the effect on such victims and their loved ones as illustrated by the Think Jessica campaign at The general advice is that if it appears too good to be true then it probably is.

However, we are very concerned that those who are repeatedly falling victim to scams will not be in a position to heed this advice.If you know of someone who is possibly a victim of scams, please contact Trading Standards through Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or at at any time and not just during February.
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