Office of fair trading scam

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This is kind of tied up with my last email as it’s about phone calls. It is always worth remembering that if someone asks for your bank details don’t’ give them but ask for their name and telephone number so you can ring them back. (you don’t have to ring them back) Ring the ‘organisation they said they were from if you must. If people offer loads of dosh that you do not deserve legitimately you can be certain it is a scam.

[Reference: Office of fair trading scam]

Dear Coordinators,

Kent Trading Standards has received information from a consumer who was contacted by phone by an individual claiming to be from the Office of Fair Trading. The caller had an Indian accent and said that the consumer was due to receive a cheque for over £4000.00 for a refund of bank charges. The caller went on to request the consumer’s bank details and said that the money would be released once they had checked passport and bank details. 

Kent Trading Standards warn consumers never to give personal details or bank details to unknown individuals over the phone as this is likely to be a scam. The Office of Fair Trading and other government departments will never contact you by phone requesting this information. 

Please contact Consumer Direct on 0808 156 2256 or go to you need further advice on scams and your consumer rights, or if you want to report any businesses or incidents you have concerns about.

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