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You don’t often get owt for nowt but in this case what you get could be a life saver!

Sue and Bill Chitty @ HILLTOP

[Reference: Kent Fire & Rescue]

Dear Coordinators,

Please see the message below from Kent Fire & Rescue.

You could help save a life

The most vulnerable members of our community are most at risk of being injured, or even dying, in a house fire - and worst of all it’s nearly always preventable.

This is why Kent Fire and Rescue Service are asking Neighbourhood Watch members who have vulnerable friends, neighbours or relatives to pass on our freephone number 0800 923 7000 and encourage them to contact us to book a free home safety visit. By helping us reach out to people in your community you will be playing an important part in helping someone you know stay safe and independent in their own home.

A combination of factors can put someone at higher risk, so please look out for anyone you know who would tick more than one of these boxes:

• Elderly or in poor health

• Has mobility problems

• Lives alone

• Uses an old or unstable heater

• Is a smoker or likes a drink

• Is on medication that makes them sleepy:

Once the person rings us, friendly staff from Kent Fire and Rescue Service will take down some information and if needed arrange a time to visit them in their home to offer safety advice and fit a smoke alarm. We even have a range of fire safety devices for the visually and hearing impaired people, as well as other special gadgets eg if someone is getting forgetful about turning off the cooker. It all takes about 30 minutes and the visit and any equipment we fit is all free.

Thank you

Kent Fire & Rescue

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