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The times they are a’changing.
Sue and Bill Chitty
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From Neighbourhood Watch
Please find attached, for you to circulate to your members, with information on crime and Police & Crime Commissioners.
Crime has fallen in the county for its sixth year and performance tables are available to view on the KPA website. As well as this there is just 100 days to go until the important vote for Kent's first Police and Crime Commissioner.
7 August 2012 
 100 day countdown for Kent’s new Police and Crime Commissioner
In just 100 days time new Police and Crime Commissioners will be introduced nationally to oversee police forces in England and Wales.  
The changes will see Kent with its first directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner as voted for by local residents on the 15 November 2012.  
The successful candidate will hold the force to account for the service it delivers. The role boosts a number of powers including hiring and firing the Chief Constable, setting a police and crime plan and the force budget including the police council tax. The Police and Crime Commissioner will also have the power to commission policing services from the Chief Constable or from other providers.  
The new governance changes will mark the end of Kent Police Authority, an independent body that holds Kent Police to account, as of the 22 November this year.  
Work is already underway for the handover to the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.  A blend of material is being used including national guidance, good practice from other sectors such as how the directly elected mayoral model used in Lewisham and the Mayor of Hartlepool.  
Graham Hooper, Chief Executive of Kent Police Authority said: ‘This is a very exciting time and a massive change to how Kent Police is held to account. This is the biggest shake-up to policing in 50 years and I urge the public to get involved by voting in the elections on the 15 November.’
Find out more follow @Police Authority or visit our website
Crime falls for another consecutive year 
Crime in Kent has reduced for a sixth year in a row. This is despite significant budget cuts and changes in national and local policing. 
In the last financial year Kent Police achieved six of their 10 performance targets and exceeded eight performance targets. This includes 3,845 fewer victims of crime in the county and the number of people satisfied with the policing service reached an all time high.
 Across the county violent crime, criminal damage and vehicle crime were all down, and many successes were due to closer working with partner agencies to catch and convict criminals.
 Chair of Kent Police Authority, Ann Barnes said: ‘I’m pleased with how the Force has been performing. Despite having to cut £50m from its budget by 2015 Kent Police continues to cut crime in the county. This is testament to the hard work of all our officers and staff.’
Please see attached documents for detailed figures on Kent Police Performance.
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