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It's so frustrating when you lose something, an item dropped in a shop or left in a cafe or just dropped along the way somewhere.

We never expect to see them again but you never know, if we give someone the chance of returning them it is quite likely they will turn up. Most people are honest and will return things when they know to whom they should go.

With this in mind Village Yak has introduced a Lost and Found service.

Approximately 100 people attended St Radigunds on Easter Monday to say farewell to Rev. Sue White. Sue has been in the parish for four years and has fulfilled a highly valuable role in our community. She will be greatly missed when she leaves for her new role in Whitfield.


Dear Member. Welcome to the first newsletter of 2012, outlining the draft programme for this year.

March 30th

We start the year with a social event; Florence will bring some cheeses for us to sample while the committee sort out tea coffee and French bread. Bring your own wine and we’ll meet in the church at 7.00 for 7.30. The price will be £2.50 – please book in advance so we can bring enough for everyone.

May 23/24th

There was a full turnout for the final event in this years highly successful programme: the “Do You Remember?- An evening of food and entertainment” meal held on the 11th Nov. Everyone enjoyed their three ‘war-time’ courses including a corned beef hash  main course. The meal was followed by a selection of entertainers.

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St. Radigunds Christmas Raffle 2011Christmas Raffle 2011

This beautiful picture of the St. Radigunds alter tapestry was taken in June 2011 at one of the monthly fund raising events. It has been donated to St. Radigunds Church by KIM Computers of Capel-le-Ferne to help raise funds to rebuild the church hall.

St. Radigunds church was packed on Friday 14th October as villagers enjoyed another very lively concert from the “Days Gone By” (old-boy) band. The evening was a musical delight with singing and dancing being the order of the night with only a short break to hold the raffle and get refreshments.

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Richard Hills- Ryder Cup DirectorRichard Hills is The Ryder Cup Director and a Director of the PGA European Tour. He was met with a very enthusiastic audience of golfers at St.

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